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Doosan Mecatec is opening the new era of energy facilities, leveraging the state-of-the-art technologies.


Established in 1964, Doosan Mecatec has supplied the total range of Chemical Process Equipment including static equipment for oil, gas and petro-chemical plants such as pressure vessel, reactor, heat exchanger, etc. Based on world-class production facilities and accumulated technology & know-hows, Doosan Mecatec has solidified its place in the global market, as No.1 CPE manufacturer.

We’re the leading player in the global market, spanning Korea, Asia, the Middle East, Americas, EMEA, Africa, etc., as the preferred partner for global major energy/oil companies and EPC customers.
Leveraging technological expertise and know-hows, proven through various experiences over the past 5 decades or so, we present impeccable track record of the highly complex products including Vanadium Reactor, Methanol Converter, etc. and the world’s largest/longest CPEs.

Only your support and attention has made such a feat possible and Doosan Mecatec will do its best to pay back with continued effort to sharpen technological expertise and improve service.

Doosan Mecatec also places great values in site safety and environment as well and actively makes constant contributions to communities. In so doing, Doosan Mecatec aims to become a global company, presenting a role model for sustainable management while contributing to good quality of life for all stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees and families, suppliers, communities, etc.

Hae Yong Woo, CEO
Doosan Mecatec

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Our belief

우리의 철학-두산웨이

Introduce Doosan's belief and philosophy and the Doosan Way that create a Proud Global Doosan.

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