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Quality Policy

Doosan Mecatec is committed to becoming a global CPE (Chemical Process Equipment) Leading Company based on its world-class production facilities and accumulated technology in supply of key equipment for refinery, gas and petrochemical plant.

Doosan Mecatec’s first responsibility is to our customers and everyone else who is looking for our products and services. We seek our presence by delivering higher quality than our competitors and leading to customer satisfaction.

Our quality management system complies with customer and related stakeholder requirements, ISO 9001: 2015 standards and other business related standards requirements. I am the Chief Executive Officer and I continually strive to improve the effectiveness by reviewing the suitability of the quality management system periodically.

I hereby appoint QA/PM/Design Officer as a management representative by granting the responsibility and authority to ensure the requirements of this quality management system are implemented and maintained, report the status of implementation of quality management and the matters necessary for improvement, and promote the awareness of customer requirements throughout Doosan Mecatec.

The QA/PM/Design Officer grants the responsibility and authority necessary to identify quality problems, provide solutions to those problems, and verify that the solutions to the problems have been implemented. The work may be discontinued if necessary to ensure that appropriate measures for nonconformities, defects or unsatisfactory conditions are maintained for subsequent processing.

This quality policy should ensure that all employees of Doosan Mecatec understand and understand their intentions and continuously improve the related business processes in order to implement them effectively.

Hae Yong Woo, CEO
Doosan Mecatec

CEO 전자서명

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