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Doosan Mecatec

We are supplying core equipment for oil, gas, and petrochemical plants, and we are growing into a global CPE (Chemical Process Equipment) Leading Company based on the world’s best production facilities and accumulated technology.
In addition, we are enhancing corporate value by supplying power plant equipment and promoting new hydrogen-related businesses through the DVH business.



Top-notch company that creates value through change and innovation

Strategic Direction

  • Secure future growth engine
    • Discovering next-generation new growth engines
    • Promote business growth by developing business models based on greenhouse gas reduction technology
  • Secure Business Competitiveness
    • Recurring Biz for the Top Tier Mercury & continuous strengthening of competitive.
    • Maximize profitability through customer diversification and product diversification

Management Philosophy

  • “Technology Innovation”
  • ‘Field-oriented management’
  • EHS Mission : “Contribute to creating a safe and happy workplace based on the essential obligation to preserve the environment”
  • ESG Mission: “Create a clean and safe environment, full of opportunity and excitement in the organization, and a business that grows constantly”

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Our belief

우리의 철학-두산웨이

Introduce Doosan's belief and philosophy and the Doosan Way that create a Proud Global Doosan.

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