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Production Capacity

Doosan Mecatec retains unmatched production capacities and fabricates top-notch quality products from small and medium scale to ultra large scale CPE with optimized facilities and advanced project management.

Manufacturing Shop

Doosan Mecatec is a global leader in large-sized tower& columns, with successful track record, including the supply of a 1,500 tonne Wash Tower

Major Facilities

Based on an annual production capacity of 55,000 tons, Doosan Mecatec has highly advanced facilities to supply large-sized thick plate products to customers with reliable quality. It has particularly world-class molding facilities including 10,000 ton Press and Bending Roller, 9Mev X-ray for ultra thick plate’s welding integrity checkup and painting facility in alignment with the highly strict environmental safety regulation. Doosan Mecatec is capable of supplying all Chemical Process Equipment within the range of 300 mm width that customers require, while ensuring quality of international standards.

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