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We provide total solutions for key equipment of refinery, gas processing and petrochemical plants, ranging from large-scale towers and columns, heavy wall reactors to various kinds of heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

Column & Pressure Vessel

Doosan Mecatec is a specialized global company with numerous experience of supplying Critical Columns and Pressure Vessels that weigh 1,000 tonnes or more for refinery, petro-chemical and gas plants, such as distillation, fractionator, absorber, C3/C2 splitter, Demethanizer, etc.

Reactor & Tubular Reactor

We have the capacity of producing various types of reactors, ranging from Hydroprocessing reactor with Cr-Mo-V (Vanadium) alloy, FCC reactor/regenerator to Tubular reactor (Methanol converter, AA reactor, etc.).

Heat Exchanger

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying critical equipment of refinery, petrochemical and gas plant such as Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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