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Reactor & Tubular Reactor

We provide total solutions for key equipment of refinery, gas processing and petrochemical plants, ranging from large-scale towers and columns, heavy wall reactors to various kinds of heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

We have the capacity of producing various types of reactors, ranging from Hydroprocessing reactor with Cr-Mo-V (Vanadium) alloy, FCC reactor/regenerator to Tubular reactor (Methanol converter, AA reactor, etc.). We’re doing our best to achieve customer satisfaction, offering the highest quality and price competitiveness

※ Reactor : is a device to accelerate reaction and produce even output, by increasing density between materials, when two or more materials are mixed or particles float, dissolve or produce chemical reactions


Weight Up To 2,000 Ton (Heaviest reference 1,313 Ton per unit)
Max Length 100m (Longest reference 42.6m)
Max Diameter 10m
Max Thickness 300mm
Material Cr-Mo Alloy Steel including Cr-Mo-V modified (w/ Stainless Steel Clad or Weld overlay)
Carbon Steel (w/ Stainless Steel Clad or Weld overlay)
Stainless Steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 410S etc.)
Duplex Stainless Steel
Ni Alloy Steel
Cu-Ni Alloy Steel
Design Code ASME Section VIII Div. 1 & 2, AD-Merkblatter, PD5500, EN13445,GOST
Licensor xxon Mobil, CLG, BP, Shell, ConocoPhilips, UOP, Axens, Haldor Topsoe, Foster Wheeler, Technip, Saipem, KBR, Linde, Ammonia Casale, Toyo, CB&I, Air Liquid, Uhde, Davy Process

Major Accomplishments

Major Accomplishments
Major Accomplishments VGO Reactor
Project Essar Oil Refinery Project
End User Essar Oil Ltd.
Completion 2011 Year
Material SA542-D CL.4a & SA336-F22V + SS347 Weld overlay
Size 5m (ID) x 42.6m (L)
Weight 1,313 Ton
Thickness 178+3mm

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