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Social Responsibility

Businesses today are required not only creating economic value but also engaging in environmental and social activities in the aspect of social responsibility. Doosan Mecatec is striving to realize its social responsibilities through genuine corporate activities which are met the demands of the times.

ESG Management

Mecatec is taking a leap forward as a sustainable business with the goal of creating a clean and safe environment, full of opportunity and excitement in the organization, and a business that grows constantly.

Shared Growth

Doosan Mecatec promotes shared growth with an aim to build a “virtuous partnership” system with partner companies for strengthened competitiveness and shared growth as a global construction company for infrastructure and plants.


For the “Establishment of an Advanced EHS Culture Through Human-Centered Management,” Doosan Mecatec places the highest priority on the environment, safety, and health management. Doosan fulfills its social responsibility by securing the highest safety standards and preserving the environment based on respect for human beings and nature.

Social Contribution

Guided by Doosan’s philosophy that “People are the Future,” we carry out various activities aimed at promoting growth and self-reliance of talented individuals. Sowing the seeds of sharing into every corner of society, we strive to make a society where everyone can live in harmony.

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