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EHS Management Principles

All employees of Doosan Mecatec shall consider EHS as the top priority, when making business decisions and pursue safe and environment-friendly zero-hazard operation, via constant enhancement and preventive effort.

Doosan Mecatec has a top priority to EHS issues in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the Refinery, Gas, and Petrochemical plant. Doosan Mecatec takes these activities as an opportunity to create environment-friendly-working circumstances and an accident-free environment through continual improvement.

  • 1. We evaluate the EHS performance by establishing EHS standards in consideration of international agreements and laws. It is also our priority to autonomously with them.
    2. We provide appropriate resources and training to implement the EHS management system and continually improve its effectiveness.
    3. We consider EHS one of the most important factors in a decision-making process, production stages, facility, process, and design.
    4. We will constantly remind our employees of the importance of EHS conservation and encourage them to participate in the community and social activities.
    5. We set the EHS objectives and plans for continual improvement and improve its performance to minimize risks and environmental impacts.
    6. We report a clear EHS management system to our stakeholders and media by practicing a transparent policy and showing the performance of our EHS management.


    Hae Yong Woo, CEO
    Doosan Mecatec
    CEO signature

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