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A Message from the Chairman

The Doosan Credo encompasses our philosophy on the people and business which we have developed for over hundred years. By putting the Credo in action, we now prepare for the next hundred years to come. As global economic environments and social paradigms are changing at a rapid pace, our core values incorporating corporate integrity, transparency, respect for our customers, fair business practices with our partners, and commitment to the development of our communities are gaining even more importance.

The Doosan Code of Conduct is firmly anchored in the Doosan Credo and embodies our core values such as Inhwa, customer-focused business, transparent business operations, innovation, fair business practice, and community development. The Code of Conduct is designed to serve as guiding principles for all of us at Doosan Corporation and its subsidiaries worldwide. All of us should keep the values in the Code of Conduct close to our hearts and follow the Code at all times. In today’s world, even one person’s misconduct can have a significant negative impact on the reputation and credibility of our company which many of us have built in the course of our long history. In this regard, it is essential that all of us understand and comply with our Code of Conduct. In addition, if you are aware of a violation of the Code of Conduct or applicable laws, it is your obligation to speak up or, where allowed under applicable laws, make a report through our whistleblowing systems. It is everyone’s duty to protect the integrity of Doosan which is indispensable to realizing our vision for the future as well as carrying out our social responsibility.

Thank you for embracing the Code of Conduct and making it a part of your life at Doosan. With our commitment to thinking and doing what is right, I have no doubt that we will be successful in building a proud Doosan which will enhance the quality and value of our world for many generations to come.

Chairman and CEO of the Doosan Group
Jeongwon Park

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